Athletics for the Glory of God

Varsity Soccer

The CCS Lions have a co-ed varsity soccer team that plays in the fall. The soccer season begins at the start of the school year and lasts through October. Students in Grades 7-12 are eligible to participate on the soccer team.

Varsity Basketball

The CCS Lions have a boys' varsity basketball team and a girls' varsity basketball team. Our basketball season runs from mid-November through February/March. An emphasis is placed on Christian sportsmanship, development of ball-handling skills, and an understanding of the game. A highlight of each year is our annual tournament to Binghamton, NY, which takes place each January.

Middle School Soccer

The CCS Lions have a strong middle school soccer team that competes each spring. This program helps prepare students for the varsity team.



“The best part of being on a team at Cornerstone is feeling important. Being part of a well-functioning team is a great feeling. We consider the team a family. We get along great. Being part of a CCS team has helped me mature in the area of responsibility. Cornerstone has a great culture, and each year the team grows closer and grows together as a team.”

Class of 2016


“Playing basketball at CCS is much different than playing at my past schools because we are able to not only play for ourselves, but we play to give God glory. We can incorporate God into all that we do. Playing on a small team allows playing time for all players. It also gives us a chance to develop close relationships and a good support system of friends! This is my favorite team that I’ve played on with some of my favorite coaches!”

Class of 2015


“Coaching the soccer team is one of the highlights of my job here at CCS. Each year I am amazed to see the way the players work together, often sacrificing their own desires for the good of the team. I love to see the captains rise to the challenge of leading their teammates through constant encouragement and by setting a good example of hard work and determination.”

Keith Press
CCS Soccer Coach
& Science Teacher


Our Objectives

It is our goal that by participating in CCS athletics, our students will:

  • Recognize that athletic ability is a gift from God and should be developed along with the academic, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of their lives

  • Learn to define personal values and understand the importance of functioning within the bounds of high moral standards, as exemplified by Christ

  • Interact with other students and with people outside of our school community as effective witnesses

  • Develop the skills necessary for their sport(s) of choice

  • Strive for excellence in their playing and skill development; recognizing that God calls us to give our best effort and that excellence is accomplished in ways beyond just winning

  • Learn important life lessons, such as responsibility, encouragement, commitment, dedication, honest and fair play, self-confidence (through God) and humility

  • Give all the glory to God, for He is the source of their talent

  • Respect authority

  • Recognize that being a part of an athletic team is a privilege, not a right; athletes are servants, not lords

Athletic Philosophy

True Head of Our Department

Cornerstone Christian School has developed the athletic program to serve as a vehicle by which the goals and objectives set forth in the schools' statement of mission and purpose can be fulfilled. Jesus Christ is recognized as the true head of the school; therefore, He is also the head of the athletic program. The athletic program is designed to develop and provide an environment in which student-athletes have opportunities to develop and grow in many different areas of life including spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, vocational, and physical aspects. Building character through athletics includes the development of sportsmanship, loyaltycooperation, teamwork and spiritual growth.

  • Physical fitness activities, whether in competition or for leisure, promote mental preparedness, emotional stability, and spiritual strength. Competition at the interscholastic level offers the opportunity to display Christian character while facing various and sometimes difficult circumstances. The athletic program is a part of the total educational program at CCS. It is always our goal for our students to learn that all abilities should be used "as for the Lord rather than for men" (Colossians 3:17,23). It is our desire for our students to grow as Jesus did, "in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men" (Luke 2:52).  

  • Every athletic team values teamwork. At Cornerstone, as we strive to build unity and community, we focus on the One who strengthens us in that endeavor. "May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 15:5,6).

  • The talents each student has been given are a gift from God and are designed for a purpose. Each student has a responsibility to invest those talents as wisely as possible (Proverbs 16:4).

Directions to Athletic Facilities


Our home games for soccer are held at Kennedy Field in Manchester (see directions below).  Our home games for basketball are held at Star Hill Family Athletic Center in Tolland (see directions below).

Soccer Field

Cornerstone's soccer games are played at Charter Oak Park in Manchester, CT.  

From Cornerstone: Take a right out of the parking lot onto Main Street. Drive south on Main St/CT-83 toward Cambridge St. Turn left onto Charter Oak St.  Charter Oak Park is located on the right at 46 Charter Oak St.

From I-384 East: Take exit 3 toward Downtown Manchester/Glastonbury. Merge onto South Main St/CT-83 toward Downtown/Manchester/Cheney Hall.  Turn right onto Charter Oak.  Charter Oak Park is located on the right at 46 Charter Oak St.

From I-384 West: Take exit 4. Turn left onto Highland St, which will become Charter Oak St. Charter Oak Park is located on the left at 46 Charter Oak St.

Basketball Gymnasium

Cornerstone's home basketball games are played at Star Hill Family Athletic Center located at 100 Gerber Drive in Tolland, CT. 

From Cornerstone: Take I-84E to Reservoir Road in Vernon, Exit 67.  Turn left onto Reservoir Road, Turn right onto CT-30N, Turn right onto Industrial Park Road West, Take the first right onto Gerber Drive.